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This plugin allows you to view an OBJ file in xplane.

This plugin was created to test OBJ files.
It is intended for test purposes and only supports one OBJ file at a time.
No other functionality will be added to it.


Added Pitch/Heading/Roll to INI file.
In scenery mode these allow the orientation of the OBJ to be set.


In scenery mode you can position the OBJ by Latitude, Longitude and Altitude.
This can be turned on/off in the INI file as well as the Control Panel and via hotkey.
The Terrain Probe can be turned on/off in the INI file as well as the Control Panel and via hotkey.


Added code to handle scenery coords and reloading of INI file.
Note that the sign of Z_Offset is no longer changed in the plugin.
This is to allow the same notation to be used for aircraft and scenery OBJ files.
The latest INI files have been updated to reflect this.


Allows the OBJ to be positioned.
Note that the sign of Z_Offset is changed in the plugin to make it more logical for the user.

Because this plugin uses our new SDK 2.00 functions it will only work in V9.

The control panel allows you to the following.
Load an obj file from the XObjTester directory that is under the plugins directory.
Reload that obj, handy for testing changes without the need to restart Xplane.
Unload the obj.

These can also be done from the menu or hotkeys.

Example INI File

LogFile = 1

X_Offset = 0
Y_Offset = 0
Z_Offset = -10
AircraftMode = 0
UseTerrainProbe = 0
UseAbsolutePositioning = 1
Latitude = 55.944053
Longitude = -3.389969
Altitude = 32.230760
Pitch = 0
Heading = 0
Roll = 0

HotKey = L
HotKeyModifiers = Shift+Down

HotKey = R
HotKeyModifiers = Shift+Down

HotKey = U
HotKeyModifiers = Shift+Down

HotKey = I
HotKeyModifiers = Shift+Down

HotKey = C
HotKeyModifiers = Shift+Down

HotKey = O
HotKeyModifiers = Shift+Down

HotKey = T
HotKeyModifiers = Shift+Down

HotKey = A
HotKeyModifiers = Shift+Down

The hotkeys in the above ini file have been tested on OSX, Linux and Windows
The INI file is included in the zips in a XObjTester directory/folder.


Use this file as a guide for the hotkeys in the INI files



32 and 64 Bit

The zip file below contains a FAT plugin that has the 32 and 64 bit plugins for Windows, OS X, and Linux
Unzip the archive so that there is a XObjTester folder under the plugins folder.
Remember to remove any old versions of the plugin but keep your existing XObjTester.INI file.
The XObjTester.INI file resides in the XObjTester folder.



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